Whis serves as both a shopkeeper, and a Quest Giver NPC, and is also a recurring character throughout the player's journey.


Like majority of characters, he is heavily based on the Whis from Dragon Ball Super. He wears the same Angel uniform, as well his halo, and holds his staff.

Whis' Dojo

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Whis runs a small place in the Central City market square, called Whis' Dojo. According to Whis himself, the dojo is open whenever Beerus is asleep.

He charges 10,000 Zeni to teach the player a random move. The moves he teaches are the following:

Rare Move Description
Buu Blaster Avatar fires a Kamehameha wave of pink energy.
Dark Beam Avatar fires a Kamehameha wave of dark blue energy.
Death Beam Avatar fires a thin energy wave of pink energy.
Double Buster Avatar fires two energy waves from each of their hands.
Explosive Grip Avatar fires green ki blasts that close in on the target.
Flame Kamehameha Avatar fires a Kamehameha wave of fiery orange energy.
Kaioken x4 Kamehameha Avatar fires a Kamehameha wave supercharged with Kaioken.
One-Handed Kamehameha Avatar fires a Kamehameha wave from one hand.
Unrelenting Volley Avatar fires a swift barrage of ki blasts.

Kami's Lookout

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He is seen at The Lookout, standing in front of the ToP Entries. When the player talks to him, he'll tell the player to sit on the tiles, to participate in the Tournament of Power.

Beerus' Planet

Alongside Earth, Whis is also found in the Space map, as a Daily Quest Giver. He asks the player if they would like to train with Beerus; should the player say "YES", he will assure them that Beerus is using fifty percent of his power.


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Future Whis can be found in the Future map, standing on a rock in the Mountains, as a One-Time Quest Giver. He tells the player that Future Vegeta has reached a new power, and that he needs someone to train with. Should the player say "YES", then Future Whis will give the One-Time Quest.


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Quest Goal Quest Type Rewards
Training With Beerus Defeat:
  • 1 50%-power Beerus
  • 2,500,000 EXP
  • 2,000 Zeni
A New Power Defeat:
  • 1 Super Saiyan Blue Future Vegeta
  • 8,000,000 EXP
  • 4,000 Zeni


  • Whis is one of the few characters to appear more than once on a single map, the other being Korin.
  • Whis is the only character to sell Moves.
    • Overall, he is one of the few characters to give out Moves, the other being Broly BR.