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Zaros is the tenth playable map and the ninth unlockable area in DBZ Final Stand. The player must be at least level 600 to travel to Zaros.


Once a player has reached level 600 or is already beyond this mark, head to the North Mountains on Earth in a spaceship. Then you should now be introduced by presuming Zarostian, Zaran who standing next to a ship which you press/click him and press yes to execute your journey to Planet Zaros.


(Zaros setting) Consists of Yellow/Purple Colored Terrain, mostly being a large ocean with a few islands and mountains.




  • Near Snakeworl, there is a spaceship that looks very familiar to Epoch, the time machine from the 1990's RPG Chrono Trigger.
  • Currently, Zaros is the only area similar to Earth and Namek, that has a race of NPC's that you're able to fight against, that do not have any quest, those being the Camekians.
  • Et and Es are a reference to EttheKing and EstheKing.


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