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Zeno serves as an interactive NPC.


Like majority of characters, Zeno is heavily based on the Zeno from Dragon Ball Super. He wears the same purple and yellow robe. Because of the game's proportions, he is as short as he would be in the saga compared to the player. If this was intentional is unknown.

Tournament of Power

Main article: Tournament of Power (T.O.P)

After the players defeat Jiren, the pillar in the center of the arena will drop down, revealing Zeno. Upon interaction, he will congratulate the player on winning, and reward them with a wish from the Super Dragon Balls.

Wishes are as follows:

Wish Description
Prestige With this wish, players will start from level 1. One difference is that they keep 20% of their stats prior to prestiging. They will also have access to Prestige Forms.
100K Zeni With this wish, players will receive 100,000 Zeni.
Remove Level Cap The maximum level is 501, but with this wish, players will have the maximum level raised to 2000.
More EXP The player can wish for 65 million EXP.

True Tournament of Power

Main article: True Tournament of Power

After defeating Super Full Power Jiren in the True Tournament of Power, Zeno will appear in the center of the map after the pillar descends. Upon interacting with him the player is given an option to choose one of three wishes with the Super Dragon Balls.

Wishes are as follows:

Wish Description
Death Upon choosing this wish, the player will be taken to the Other World. There, the player can gain EXP by dealing damage to other players, and by doing the three Daily Quests found there. The amount of EXP the player gains is based on the move that is used and the number of players hit by the move. After reaching level 850, the player can choose to rebirth, starting the player's character over, similar to prestige, but keeping 300 stat points and an added 10% of their Player Stats prior to rebirthing. The player also receives wings on their avatar's back.
Become a God Upon choosing this wish, the player will be given access to the God of Destruction transformation. This form is similar to Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct as it activates when the player's health and ki are below 15%, this form does not have auto-dodge and teleporting punches however. This form gives the bearer 1200+ to all skill fields. Choosing this wish again will do nothing.
Nothing It simply does nothing. The wisher gets sent back to Earth their merry way.


  • When interacting with Zeno, he will say, "Sugoi ne! (すごい ね!)", which translates to "Amazing!".

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